Blog Description

This blog, supported by UCL Laws, is a forum for academics, practising lawyers and those engaged in labour law policies to provide expert analysis of labour law matters. It welcomes both commentaries on significant legal developments, and theoretical analyses of broader labour law issues, including book reviews.

The blog posts should contain critical analysis and reflection. It is a forum that responds quickly to labour law matters, in a way that may influence legal developments, but which also contains theoretical pieces that will engage a broad labour law audience, the general public, media, and policy-makers.

Our focus is principally on developments in the UK, but developments in the fields of EU law, European and international human rights, international labour law, and other national jurisdictions are also welcome insofar as they have a bearing on UK law.

Blog Editors

Professor Alan Bogg (University of Bristol)

Professor Hugh Collins FBA (LSE)

Dr Hitesh Dhorajiwala (Devereux Chambers/UCL)

Professor Michael Ford QC (Old Square Chambers)

Professor Virginia Mantouvalou (UCL)

Editorial Assistant

Danielle Worden (UCL)

General Inquiries about the Blog

Please write to the editors.



  1. Submit in MS Word file to Alan Bogg or Virginia Mantouvalou (details above).
  2. Blog posts are normally about 3,000 words.
  3. Include embedded hyperlinks to any decisions, reports or legislation mentioned.
  4. If you wish to make reference to a publication that is central to the discussion, include a hyperlink to said publication.
  5. Include: (i) a title at the top of the post, (ii) your affiliation, and (iii) a profile photo.


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